Programming Note

Note: Several PSA’s from:

  • Various departments within the State of Wisconsin (videos on roundabouts, US41 upgrade, cyber crime, how-to’s from the WDNR, etc.);

  • Algoma Utilities partner WPPI;

  • New video series from a joint effort between the National Safety Council and the University of Iowa called “My Car Does What?” (, which focuses on all of the either now mandated (or soon will be) features that will be arriving on new automobiles within the next several years (i.e. back up cameras, parking assist, collision avoidance, etc.), and;

  • The new “Bring It To The Ballot” initiative which explains what is considered proper forms of identification for voting in Wisconsin

These programs now appear throughout the Algoma ACAT City/Government and Public Access Channels (Channels 981/982) schedule before and after other scheduled programming listed.